Monday, October 1, 2007

Will Boomers Flock to Social Networks?

Considering the size and spending power of this demographic, it's a significant issue for marketers. TeeBeeDee came out of beta just last week with a strong management team and high expectations. In this video CEO Robin Wolaner talks about her vision for the site.

Is the optimism well founded? Does TeeBeeDee have a workable positioning? Or will the site flounder like Eons appears to be doing?
For sure, the space is crowded. A search turns up sites including Rezoom, BOOMj and Boomertowne. That's not to mention MySpace and Facebook, both of which are seeking an older demographic. And it doesn't count a multitude of parenting sites that appear to cater to a somewhat younger target.

Will advertisers hold back waiting for the inevitable shake-out? Will at least one boomer network survive? Or is social networking just for the very young? We'll all need to keep watching.

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