Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Explosion of Advergaming

I'm not a gamer myself so when I saw the announcement that Dr. Pepper had introduced its first branded game for the iPhone I though I’d look around and see what was going on. A first stop was eMarketer, which forecasts that all kinds of branded mobile spending are ready to explode.

Second stop was Dr. Pepper itself. I found it interesting that I could only access the game using the Firefox browser, but once I did that it seems easy enough to play from the desktop. Hum. . .looks like “bottle cap bingo” to me.
Then I visited Apple to learn a little more about the iPhone and the Safari browser that makes applications like gaming easy. If you want to learn more, take the Safari tour.
I kept on to the iPhone page, because I really didn’t know much about the iPhone except that it's expensive. I listened to the September updates video and was blown away with how much you can do wirelessly. Apparently your iPhone and your desktop iTunes update one another when you plug it in. Cool!

As I write this, analysts are discussing the new Google SmartPhone software. The speculation is that Google will partner with device makers with the effect of boosting the already-rapid growth in the mobile Internet space.

A final word from Marketing Charts, quoting a study by Ingenio/Harris in which Gen Y consumers, a key target market for mobile promotions, emphatically resist all types of mobile advertising. That makes Dr. Pepper seem right on track. Mobile users don’t want advertising per se, but they do want entertainment on their mobile devices. iMedia Connection has some suggestions on how to do it right. Let’s hear it for advergaming!
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