Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Whither Video Advertising?

I’ve made multiple posts on this blog and on the eBrandMarketing blog about the increasing importance of video. Every time I think I’ve beaten that subject to death some fascinating new data turns up to inspire me to write another post. That was the case with the eMarketer newsletter of January 28, which gives new insight into video use and to how viewers are handling advertising.

The industry is scrambling to establish standards for video advertising with the IAB taking the lead. Their recent report categorizes types of video advertising and identifies current metrics.A series of iMediaConnection videos, made at an iMedia Summit in March but only recently posted on their site gives an in-depth assessment of the state of the art in content and advertising.
It’s long; each of the three segments runs 15 to 17 minutes. The first segment looks at three very different types of video channels, the NBC Universal Digital Network, Bud TV and the Veoh service. The first 10 minutes is helpful in understanding why they are different and what the relationships are to NBC and Anheuser Busch. The second segment goes into more depth on the nature and production of their content. The third segment discusses advertising using the IAB framework.

The video space is only going to become more vibrant as mobile video (and advertising?) becomes available. eMarketer also published a chart on mobile entertainment revenues on January 28. It made me think about the video that accompanies the current WSJ special report on technology9subscription required). The video interviews a few consumers to get their technology wish list. I’d summarize their requests as “convergence” and “mobile content,” both of which seem to add up to wanting to consume content on the go.

Where content goes, advertising of some kind is sure to follow. The efforts of both leading-edge firms who are creating online content and of leading-edge advertisers who are experimenting with “what works” in the space should be followed closely.
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Anonymous said...

This is an interesting topic, one I doubt you will ever post too much about. After reading this I thought about the evolution of the banner ad. Will video follow in the same vein? Maybe with respect to viewers becoming "de-sensitized". However I think that as time goes by there will be a shift by advertisers to an info-commercial type of video. In other words create advertising videos with content that is relevant and interesting while incorporating and advertising message within. Just a thought.