Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Big Interactive Billboard

I was looking for things other than Super Bowl reviews ad nauseum when I found this video on Ad Age Digital. It’s a new twist on old themes; interactivity and media integration.

When you watch the video you’ll see this quick screen that says you can play it on Facebook. That also caught my attention, so I looked for the game itself. What I found is the Jumbli site, which appears to be a Clear Channel microsite. Ok, the point is to text as fast as possible?!? If you look at the site live, you’ll see current updates on who’s winning. I’m underwhelmed, but others are playing the game.
I also checked out the, or probably one of the, Facebook pages. This one describes AT&T as the exclusive sponsor. There are a lot of phone ads, so someone is placing ads on Facebook. More to my point, there is a listing of Jumbli Events and lots of writing on the wall and other Facebook messages. AT&T seems to be replying to its customers on the page. Good for them!

The game itself seems to me to be silly, but it would be a great time waster on the subway, for example, if you are so inclined. Silly or not, marketers need to take note of the fact that people are playing a mobile game like this. Even more, marketers need to note that this type of interactivity brings people to other media and stimulates other kinds of interactions.

Media integration, in a way that’s engaging to consumers—that’s the key message!

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