Friday, February 11, 2011

We are all Khaled Said

I Tweeted the link to this page a few days ago, but it seems time to put it up on this blog. We as Americans cannot and should not dictate the leadership of any other country, but we have the right--perhaps the duty--to support people whose desire is to be able to determine their own leaders and way of life.

So I'd encourage anyone who finds this reasoning appealing to friend the Facebook page of the young man who was killed even before the protests started.

This link is from their Notes page and it gives specific ways in which an individual can help. It is also the best short explanation I've read about how Facebook disseminates information.

Note also that, while Wael Ghoneim is obviously associated with this page, he is not the administrator. The administrator appears to be located in the UK, which seems to make very good sense, given the situation.

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