Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Real World Social Media Spin-Off

This post is from the Tweetstream of @mattrhodes from the UK agency Fresh Networks. He and his colleagues come up with things I would not be aware of otherwise, and I'm grateful!

I'm also an Anglophile and a huge fan of the National Trust and all they do, so their take off on Farmville definitely caught my attention.

What a clever concept! The idea of letting people become sort of virtual farmers and have control over this farm is fascinating. What a good way to get people involved in the production of their food and the protection of the land on which it's grown. This is also a different take on Community Sponsored Agriculture and a really engaging one. Plus who can resist a cow who looks this sweet?

All in all, it's something I'm going to enjoy following and hope some of my friends will get some good ideas.


Fernando Caviedes said...

I agree with you. The interesting thing is that the Apps have become a vehicle to show and promote diffrent products, services, ideas, etc.

My brother just made an App for Cocacola where the customer has an unique experience.

Integraphix Creative Agency said...

Just gotta say...I love that image. But I definitely agree with you. Mobile is the way of the future (app speaking).